Monday, October 26, 2009

FREE MATHS CLASSES by Kumon, 17-30 November 2009

Hi folks,I saw this ad in Kumon site. If you like to try Kumon for your child,do check out their FREE trial(17-30 November 2009) now!

Now, I must check when is the right age to start this! Is my KY at 3 years plus suitable? Doubt so as she still has not pick up numbers (1-10),here I mean reading...not reciting numbers ... ;)

(Details below are extracted from Kumon site here)


To allow more children and their parents to experience the benefits of the internationally recognised learning method, Kumon will be offering two-weeks FREE Mathematics programme.

From 17 to 30 November 2009, children can experience the joy of learning in any Kumon centres nationwide.

They will be given a diagnostic test before enrolling for assessment to enable our qualified instructors to make a sound study plan for them.

The programme is tailored individually for each child to ensure the programme caters to their educational need. They will start at an easy level and progress their way up through daily study of Kumon worksheets. In doing so, they build their perseverance, concentration, discipline, and the ability to self study. Needless to say, with Kumon, your children not only improve academically, but also grow into their own positively.

Call 1800-88-1010 or visit any nearest Kumon centre to enquire about the free Mathematics classes today! Alternatively, you can click on the "Search for a Kumon centre near you" icon. Hurry, register before 14 November 2009. * Terms and conditions apply

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