Saturday, October 3, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby with STROLLER Contest

Hi Folks!

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby is back!!

For the month of Oct 09, the
theme is "Cutest Baby with STROLLER". Check out the contest details here.

This time the prizes are equally exciting as before:


· - One Medium Landscape or Medium Portrait HARDCOVER Photobook by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM144)

· - One bag of our choice (pick ANY bag) from AliceWonders (worth from RM50-RM200)


· - One Medium Portrait or Medium Portrait Classic SOFTCOVER PhotoBook by Photo Book Malaysia(worth RM80)


-One Large Landscape POSTER by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM68)


· - One PurseHook each from AliceWonders (worth RM20)

The First and Second Prize winners will be automatically qualified for the 2009 Cutest Baby of the Planet contest (will be held on January 2010 with more great prizes).

At the top is a rare picture of Shone(DOB: 20 June 2009) in his stroller:

Why Do I say "rare" because:

1) DH never likes to bring along stroller whenever we go shopping or anywhere

as a matter of fact. He prefer to use the carrier bag. It's too bulky and consumed space in the car which is always in full mode before and even fuller after each trip.

(Note: In fact the stroller in the picture was a loan one from Sunway Pyramid- "fully sanitised" label was sticked there..loves these children-friendly malls!!)

2) Shone and KY never likes to be confined in a stroller. Not sure why, they just prefer to roam about freely.

Therefore, I often marvel and wonder how some kids obediently stay seated in a stroller when I bump into any at the malls.

For me, if I travel alone with kids, I think having a stroller really helps to release the burden of carrying or even chasing after them.

The only con I find besides having to lug it around is I must find places with lift as I am not daring enough to place it at the escalator as some parents do. Thus our stroller is currently located in our storeroom, collecting dust :P

So folks do you use stroller regularly? Does you or DH loves having a stroller for trips. Care to share? Hear from you all too!

And if you wanna win some cool prizes from AliceWonders and PhotoBookMalaysia, don't forget to send your entry for the contest by MomBloggersPlanet!


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