Saturday, November 14, 2009

A new fan of Cloth Diaper!

The first time I bought a Cloth Diaper was back in 2007 when I was trying to toilet train my 1 year plus dotter and was looking around for training pants....and then I came across cloth I thought why not while heading towards toilet training, I can start her off with cloth diapers both for economical and environmental reason. But KY being so used to the lightweight disposable refused to wear the bulky Bumgenius one pocket size CD I bought(in her fav. pink and yellow colors), so these two CD were then kept in the box until Shone now...I tried wearing for him and Bingo he got no resistance over it. In fact, he looks cute and smart in it! LOL...

And lately, I just got another set of CD to try, this time the limited edition Bumwear CD. I not being win over by this soft and comfy CD! I tried letting Shone wear it at night..and guess what it lasted throughout the heavy night flow...and the surface remains dry and comfy even though I can feel the inserts is getting quite wet and slightly heavy.

So, this really makes me more determine to switch to CD. So right now I got 3 pairs to use on weekends. If I got more stock(wonder how many I need to switch totally to CD? I think perhaps at least 7 sets? Perhaps more?) mommies...though I regretted not using CD from the very start since KY, then economical and environmental-wise I would have done much more and better....but no's never too late for me to switch now..thanks to all these lovely CD mommies like Hanz and many others....

So if you are new mommies who are pondering whether to use Cloth or Disposable..look no more!! CD is so much more economical, environmental-friendly and it really comfy and stay dry just like the disposable ...and minus the chemical n plastics!

So , you can tell I am now a new fans of CD!



Bonnie said...

Well, never too late to change. If you really want to fully cloth diapering your kid, you need at least 12 (but that's for kid that is not TT yet), but if like my boy who is now 32months and half TT, he only uses maximum 5 diapers per day.

AlohaMolly said...

Thx Bonnie for your tips!

I think I need to add up my CD stock to fully CDiapering..