Thursday, November 19, 2009

When Insomnia hits me and dotter

Hi folks

What would u b doing when u n 1 of the kids can't sleep in the middle
of the night?

Can't make noise being in d same room as the other kid n DH, me n KY
went to snuggle at the other room, on our favourite classical music
compilation of my dearest buddy, Charlotte....

While enjoying the music n waiting the zzzzzz mode to strike both of
us........guess what these mommy n dotter doing rite now?

KY requested daddy's Iphone to play games, and mommy follow suit....
Blog this on my iphone.....while waiting zzzzzzz to slumber me....

Normally a person who can sleep anywhere, anytime, any position.... I
starts to have infrequent insomnia attacks after being pregnant n
being a mom...
Pray dat my pimples don strike me as it often does after each late
nite feedings n stuff....

Okey. Hope u won't b bored by this entry... Me feeling zzzzzz striking
slowly.... C u all again next day... Hohoho..... Goodnite every1!



Anonymous said...

drink hot coco...surely it will help.

1egg, 1 cup milk, 3tablespoon coco powder, 2tablespoon sugar. all blend together & then put on stove till it bubble up.

drink up..then u'll start to feel comfy & wanna doze off. works for me!!

Anonymous said...

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