Friday, February 20, 2009

Recovering from Dental Surgery

Dear folks!

This will be a short I am in the midst of recovering from my first part of Dental Surgery to remove my wisdom tooth...

I went to govt. clinic in the hope to remove my two wisdom tooth which had decayed....been delaying the visit due to pregnancy and breastfeeding(as they would prescribe antibiotics before and after from my past experience 2 years back when i remove the one on my bottom left side).

To my dismay they would only pluck the top one and leave the bottom one till the end of next month after X-ray is done......i thought i can have it gone all at one go...haih....

But after bleeding non-stop(with lotsa blood coming out) whole day yesterday and still bit more today...I told myself..luckily they removed only one..if two at the same time..I wonder how much blood i would lost during this period of time....(plus having my "auntie visit" at the same time..)

But i do found out something...perhaps breastfeeding and av has made the blood coming out more than other people..hmm..

Anyway I have made enough preparation(reading the net on how to care after surgery) to prepare a faster recovery this time..been diligently taking Vit. C before and post-surgery....seems to work! THanks to my PHARMACIST friend...HuiChin!

And keep my finger crossed I should be painless and well today(the second day) and hopefully the next visit to remove the bottom one would be fast, bearable and recover promptly too!

Wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last weekend I was with my two kids for 3 full days as the babysitter is "on leave" and my hubby happened to be away for training as well...

I was for the first time perhaps spend some good quality time with my two babies(age 7mths = and 2 yrs 6 mths old)....somehow I see the difference between the two of them....their growth and development....I am not sure whether it is a coincidence or what..but somehow having an older sibling does makes the younger ones grow amazingly faster compared to an only child...

My son seems to response, laugh, and learn faster with the sister playing with him all the time...haha...not to mentioned that he managed to picked up his sister's(KY) screaming skills as well or rather she does sound like "screaming" when she sings loudly...I guess to a two year old...they still can't differentiate or control their volume just yet....

So it is a fruitless effort on my side to get her to sing softly or to speak softly when the brother is zzzzzzzzzz......

So parents out there...if you are contemplating whether to add one more kid to your only child...this is what I can share...having a sibling as my best friend used to said is a gift from God! Having a lifetime companionship and "siblinghood" if there's such a word for it!

This reminds me ...when is the last time i have a cuppa and chat with my siblings ?? :) 

Happy Siblinghood....!