Friday, February 27, 2009

A new Adventure and mission!

Hi All...

I am starting a new blog(finally!) which focuses on vegetarianismhood(if there's such a word)  after being asked especially by vege and non-vege parents alike on how to bring up their kids in a meatless diet for a good sense (with all the green reasons as well as contaminated meat etc)...

I was sharing my ideas and thoughts with a mutual friend(who's been a vegetarian herself for more than 20 years I think), and she said why not! And we have some thoughts about sharing and putting up recipes, ideas, information about vegetarian for the benefits of those who are interested in a Meatless/Plant-based diet.

So stay tuned and keep a lookout for our new b

Currently is still "UNDER CONSTRUCTION". However those who are interested to be part of the Contributors Team for this blog can email to me:

Hopefully this would be a practical and fun platform for all IT savvy, young parents and anyone who are interested on the vegetarianismhood...hehe...

Okay...let's hope this site would grow and expand happily, healthily and in a much organised way as the site theme says: H2o... ;)


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Emotion Management for effective Relationship and Communication

How often we heard of Emotion Management? I am sure we heard of IQ, EQ...

That day I was pondering on emotion management when I was communicating with my daughter and DH.

Hmm...lately my little KY has been catching each and every phrase I used, not to mentioned picking up the emotions I am having I am trying to remind myself every now and then not to let my anger or frustration to overtake my "teaching" session with her...

Even during my conversation with my DH and others...sometimes without realising our emotions seems to overtake our senses...

If we can just stop a second, take a deep breath and connect with our inner self/soul(so-called keeping our emotions in check), the outcome of each communication and thus our relationship will certainly improves.

It is not easy but I am going to put this as part of my 2009 task list....first starting by:
1. No shouting/speaking loudly - Replace with speaking with respect for everyone esp. DH n DD
2. If frustrated, sit back and relax, keep quiet, don't speak with anger - "Silence is Golden"
3.  No finger-pointing - Everyone is responsible just solve it and make peace
4.  Laugh and have fun more often
5.  Hug and love more

Yippee...gonna stick this on my mind n fridge haha...

Cheers! All THE BEST!

Tips and Tricks to Effective Parenting: 2nd Month Of Pregnancy

Tips and Tricks to Effective Parenting: 2nd Month Of Pregnancy