Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trivia Fun

1. What is the cat on earth that stands on both feet?


Answer: Hello Kitty, Doraemon(yea I was told Doraemon is a cat too :P)

2. What is the mouse on earth that stands on both feet?




Answer: Mickey mouse ..yep that's correct!


3. What is the duck on earth that stands on both feet?





Is your answer: Donald Duck? (I guessed that this the correct answer????...see below)



NO!!! The answer is ALL DUCKS on earth stand on both feet....hahaha LOL...

Trivia fun for the day!

Hope you had enjoyed the little fun and chuckle!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: A gift to a buddy,a mom-to-be...

This time, practically "packaged" in a new and cute reusable bag...forgo the usual basket,flowery plastic hampers or box with wrapping paper.
(Note: Btw, the reusable bag is won from a contest won in Hanz's blog..thanks Hanz!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Special Merdeka Giveaway by LittleMama's Diary – Laptop Bag

LittleMama's Diary having a special giveaway ,the very first for her personal blog. And the grand prize is this gorgeous laptop bag...nice....perfect as my working bag when I need to lug my laptop around when having meeting at client's place plus my breastpump along..(in case it is a full day meeting).

Laptop Tote

Picture taken courtesy of LittleMama's Diary: Helen Keller Lady Laptop Tote from worth RM119!

How to enter?

Just follow this simple steps.

  1. Tell Little Mama what you think of the blog content by leaving a comment here. Comment must be about her blog entry and not on the technical part of the blog like layout,header, etc) Clue: What she wrote best and why, If not good,whysed, if not what language to be used for best understanding...or any comments or suggestions so that she can her writing in future.
  2. Write an entry in your blog(here I did :) ) about this contest (with link here). And don't forget to mention our entry for the contest in her blog here.

That's all. Easy steps!

Terms and Conditions

  • Contest ends on 31st August 2009.
  • Contest opens to Malaysian only (no matter which country you residing)
  • Winner(s) will be selected by a Lucky Draw.
  • Confirmed prize is the Laptop Bag but she would consider adding more prizes later on (depends what treasure she can find in her study room)

That's all!

So folks, if you are interested to win the bag as I do...let's join the contest and fun!


How to say things sincerely without offending others?

Lately someone I knew is having H1N1-like symptom. When I suggest getting it checked, some people seems to show resistance...
Although I am rather concerned and anxious yet I have the qualms of saying it too many times... times like this I cannot help but think back some same occurrences..which I often offend people while trying to mean well..

Thinking back those unhappy moments whereby each time I commented, I was bombarded, yet when I stay complete silent, I was being labelled as "unloyal" or not a good buddy..

Human relationship are real complex isn't it...or has I made it looks too complex without knowing..

Wonder how can message be conveyed across sincerely without offence...

Do you all experienced similar situation? How do you all manage it?

Care to share...would love to learn from all the wise ones out there!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Some little Ponder and Thoughts

Lately I have been thinking, watching about human life cycle.

I recalled receiving a comic-like image which pictures the human life cycle whereby we start off crawling(four-legged) and ends walking with a stick(3 legged). Oh yes, forgot to mention it begun with lying down postures and ends with it as well...

I am not sure if anyone have the same feelings.

I have been noticing that lately, KY been fond of asking a lot of questions and many times repeating the same question MANY times.
Sometimes I have the patient to explain in different ways to her for same question. At times I would blew up :P

Somehow, I felt, this seems to changed when we grew older and started to nag. Our kids may entertain us or they might just shut them up just like how we did to them when they were young and kept shooting questions(as opposed to adults nagging).

And I also felt that when people aged, they not only returned to child-like state , they even acted like one. Talking about PMS. Some might just turned into a little bit cranky-like.

And lastly, do we noticed that when our kids were young, we fed them, and when we grow older, we might end up being fed by our kids.

So it's like a human life-cycle that things returns to what it is like in the beginning. We might have problem(financially) supporting our aged parents, but when we were young and our parents were earning very little, they managed to put a roof over our head and serve meals on table. But one thing I noticed which is different is for some(like mine), my parents don't have to support their parents after they got married. So that does makes some difference...

Hmm..why am I having such thoughts..gee..just something I have been thinking, wondering and pondering perhaps..


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Updates on Ointment Helper 2 - AoBruzzy

Hi folks,

Welcome back. Today I like to update my personal experience on using AoBruzzy.

So I first saw the product on the TV commercial, I was hooked. I said to DH that perhaps we should get one since Shone has started walking, soon be climbing so having this at the babysitter's place might comes in handy.

So far, I have used it on KY when she hit her face somewhere(not sure where) and got a blue black spot. So I apply it diligently for 3-4 days consecutively, BINGO! On the fifth day, seems that the blue black mark has gone...

So this product is worth trying for mommies who have active children.