Saturday, March 13, 2010

BEWARE: Do you Return Call to your Miss Call?

Now, folks, do you ALWAYS call back the miss call no. you received even those which you do not know who it is?

Normally, I will not do so...unless the same no. miss call a few times...but then again, I would check and ask my intuition whether I should call back.
One day I receive a call from a number whom I do not know. Two miss call...and weird, it did not show up in my recent miss call list but appeared in my Maxis miss call notification instead. Not sure if it's an error on my phone network or hardware.
I did what I happened to do the other occasion, I googled the no :P yea..the last time I did, I found out it was from XXX bank.
So, I did it again...googled it and found this article from The Star Citizen blog. Really scares me guys, better stay smart and alert on such cases happening around.....
Cheers and Be Safe!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Beware of latest scam by phone!
Posted by: redtiger

Please beware of the latest scam by phone. A woman claiming to be from Bonuslink calls you and tells you about an insurance scheme that will insure all your belongings including hospitalization for a maximum amount of RM10,000.00 [A very convincing figure! If she said RM1 million, eyes will pop out and the brains will generate suspicions]

The number she use to call potential victims is 03-20366555. Last week this number rang but I did not answer as I was overseas. I did not want to pay for the roaming fees for a number not familiar to me.

On Monday 1 Feb 2010 I tried to call this number and it was revealed that the number does not exist!

This afternoon the same number rang and I answered. She gave her name as Haslinda from Bonuslink. After her long and winding explainations, she asked me for my credit card details to do auto-debit for the insurance [Autodebit? She can use the credit card number to clone another card and make purchases faster than you can read this blog! ] I played along with her without her realizing I was trying to corner her. I asked her why the phone number does not exist when I tried to call on Monday. She said that is her call center number and the number is always busy and no one to answer [huh!]

Then she said she is actually from Hong Leong/Bonuslink. I asked which one and she repeatedly said Hong Leong/Bonuslink and telling me its the same, as if she was talking to a fool! I insisted its either Hong Leong or Bonuslink and she said Bonuslink.

I told her I will call her again. Before I could do that she called me again and gave me another number to call. I waited for 30 minutes to call because I do not want her to wait at that phone. I called and a chinese woman answered and greeted as UTS Agency. I hang up the phone.

I do not know what UTS stands [maybe its UNTUK TIPU SEMUA] for but for sure this is a new scam to get unsuspecting people to give their credit card details through the phone to a fraudster.

Malaysians are genius in conning people. They have nothing else to do but think about how to con people. Those working for these syndicates are also guilty.

I have already emailed Bonuslink to inform them of this matter and awaiting their reply.

So please advise all your relatives and friends especially those gullible ones to be extra careful when answering calls from numbers that not familiar to them.

Just my 2 cents worth for th Chinese New Year!


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