Friday, July 30, 2010

My Best Friend

Hi folks!
Who is your Best Friend?

I have many friends in my life ranging from my childhood friends, primary to secondary school buddies, neighborhood friends, colleagues and friends made out of total stranger. They have enlightened my life at one point or another.

If I were to talk about who my Best Friend is, Kim is the name that first appears in my mind. Kim is neither my schoolmate nor my childhood friends, but our relationship is closer than siblings sometimes.

Though the years we have been together are not very long compared to other friends of mine, but our relationship is one which I cherish most.

Sometimes there are certain secrets that I would not want to share with my siblings or boyfriend, Kim is the one I speak to. And amazingly, I only meet Kim face-to-face like less than 7 times out of the almost 7 years we have known each other. How do we build that kind of close relationship? Yes, thanks to the Internet.

In fact, the first time we talk to each other was via the Internet. Kim was a total stranger to me then. We got to know each other when we were involved in my close friend's wedding preparation. We are the bridemaids or maids of honour then, and Kim was involved in coordinating the bridal shower as well as the wedding day. Roughly two months before the event, we (about 7 or 8 of us) were brainstorming over the Instant Messaging (IM) system (i.e. Yahoo Messenger) on what to plan for the bridal shower and wedding day.

That is how our friendship began. And then later on, I clicked instantly with Kim and we stayed in touch over the IM as she works in Singapore. She was with me "virtually", giving me support and listening ear when my relationship broke-up, being the photographer during my wedding (as well as my sister's wedding), being my cheerleader when I feel down or need an advice on changing job  and eventually recommended me to a new job.

The thing that strikes me about her is that she is never bias, often frank with her advice and will not hesitate to point out my mistakes. Even though it hurts when receiving her frank comments but I really appreciate such a friend.  I feel it is a blessing indeed to have a frank confidante rather than one who only speak good things to you yet at times insincere and can be even more hurtful.

Thus, Kim is such a rare friend to me and she is a best friend hard to find and a must to keep. I look forward to many more years of friendships and stories to share with her.
Hope we all cherish and appreciate our Best Friend always!