Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Hi folks!

Are You Moist Enough?

Have you ever seen heels like this?

I dreaded looking at heels like this!!! It can not only cause such a pain when it get in touch with water, it can be such an "unsightly" pain and imperfect match with a pair of lovely gold Jimmy Choo sandal like this:

Why would women suffer such a pain?

We ought to take a better care of our heels or to be more precise our Whole Body!

My heels are currently picture in this form below:


I am taking all the measures to protect it and keep it moisturized every single day by applying generous amount of vaseline lotion on my feet after shower everyday!! 

Vaseline has been the brand I trusted since my teens! I am sure everyone remembers this trusty tub below:

I am carrying this everywhere I go. It helped a lot for my lips, my skin and especially on my heels!

And yea, I am doing this not only to my heels alone. Working in an air-conditioned office everyday can really make our skin lose the moisture and glow!

Therefore, it's very important to keep our skin moisture too! 

When I was traveling Down Under, I am amazed to find not only a bottle of  hand wash in every washing area but a bottle of hand lotion too! They make it so convenient for everyone to keep their hand and skin moisturised! 

I am learning from them. Now in my office you will find a bottle of Vaseline(yes they come in new design not just in tub anymore!!!) which I diligently apply every morning as well as after I wash my hand to keep my hand moisturized.

And being born in a tropical country like Malaysia, we, Malaysians are blessed with sunny weather and lovely places to go about with our family and friends!

So the more important it is to take proper care to ensure our skin stay amazing (like a baby if possible..haha). 

Prevention is better than cure!

I am making it a habitual rites to apply lotions on my Body! How about you? What is your trusted rituals to take care of your skin and body? Do you go for massage and spa frequently?

Let's share!



transformed housewife said...

I love using Vaseline too!

Ms Ave T said...

Great post and good luck for the comp!

Miss Ave T