Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get Creative with "Car-less" Day

 Hi folks,
Sometimes it's nice to have a "different" routine once in a while isn't it? A break-away from the usual monotonous routine to get us feeling excited, being creative and adventurous once more.
Normally over the weekend, my family is filled with events to attend, in-law or parents house to visit, shopping malls to go to. Then it happened that one weekend, our car has to be sent to the workshop for two days for major repair.
So instead of lamenting the things that we couldn't possibly do on "car-less" day, I plan and prepare for the weekend.
We often hear people saying that they get more things done when internet is done..yeah, how many of you are nodding your head now?
And how about electricity or power failure? Or the light off moment during Earth day? Did it brings out the creativity and excitement in you for some adventures?
That was what I felt about being car-less for two days in a row? In order to plan for the two days, I run through what is the most vital things to get prepared in advance(start being creative here...):
  1. Dig out my Domino Pizza vouchers.
  2. Buy some essentials foodstuff that would last for the 6 meals for spare(normally weekend we would go out to eat but this time round, I bought few items like cucumber, sushi rice, etc to prepare for some kitchen time with the kids by making sushi together)
  3. Invite people over to my place for some fun time like swimming or get-together
  4. Bring kids go jogging for some outdoor air
  5. Bought some fruits and healthy snacks like cashew nuts, etc for kids to nibble.
  6. Dig out the educational VCD that we purchased from the nursery for a movie session.
  7. Prepare to do some house cleaning with the kids.
  8. -leave for some impromptu ideas from the kids-
  9. -hubby to add on-
  10. -leave for surprises-
How about you? What would you do if you are having a "car-less" day or perhaps some out-of-the-usual day? Instead of feeling upset, we can be creative and cherish that moment of spontaneity and fun with our family!

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