Monday, August 23, 2010

My thoughts on my mother-in-law

Hi folks!

How has your relationship been with your in-law?

I have been staying with my in-law for the first year of marriage, can be said as if on-the-job training on how to be a new wife to my hubby, learning the habits, likes and dislikes of the family.

To be frank even though I faced some challenges in breastfeeding with my mil at initial stage, I am glad I persevered and now she is ever-positive about bf and never question my second attempt with my son.

Now, why the sudden thought about mil? Cos my younger sis who has just given birth 10 days ago...her mil did not get to see her first grandson in time. She supposed to travel to KL last weekend to visit them but alas her illness got ahead of her and there's no chance for my little nephew to be pampered for a moment by his grandma. This sadden my sis a lot and create such impact on me.

No matter how the clashes would be, they are the one who brought up our hubby and we should cherish hem while they are still alive... A reminder to myself..

Cheers to all goody in-law!


transformed housewife said...

FYI, I'm still living under one roof with my-in-laws. I always consider them like my own parents and they are also treating me like their own daughter.

Pauline Yap said...

thanks for sharing the thought. I gotta learn from this.