Thursday, August 5, 2010

Universal Dashboard Mount 55% OFF for sns readers

Hi folks,
Saw this new gadget-stuff..
This is really cool design..very practical!
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Did you ever wish that you could have your phone or GPS at eye level when driving? Do you dump your blackberry on the passenger seat when you get into your car? Ever feel frustrated … when you start your journey and while driving the phone starts ringing, and you have to rummage through your bag? Or frantically search the mess on your passenger seat only to miss your call?

We've got a cool solution for you. GPS Bay has engineered a Universal Dashboard Mount (UDM) that can be easily place on the "dashboard" (yes the dashboard, not the windscreen) of your car. The UDM has the flexibility to fit ALL models of GPS, ALL phones (including your iPhone and Blackberry) and even your Smart Tag.

It requires no tools for installation; no engineering degree to resize it, it's neat, it's fashionable and it sticks easily on your car dashboard. You do not need to worry about mounts falling off your windscreen or using two-way tape to glue your mounts to the windscreen or just having any unsightly device hanging on your windscreen. 

Now you can easily fit any of your devices onto the UDM when you get into your car and access, read, and make a call easily when you drive.

GPS Bay is offering all shoppingNsales readers an amazing 55% discount off the retail price.

Currently retailing at RM78, but as shoppingNsales reader you only pay RM35!!! What a bargain!

Available for a limited time only,

1. Visit

2. Choose the Universal Dashboard Mount

3. Finally enter the code "SSUDM" to enjoy the 55% discount!!!

Grab it now for yourself, your friends and your family!!!


 *Take note that delivery charges are RM10 for Peninsula Malaysia and RM15 for East Malaysia.

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