Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Hi folks!

When DH first got his iPhone 3G, 16GB from Hong Kong in early Jan 2009 (it was not sold in Malaysia then), he’s so happy trying out his new “toy”.

However, little did he knew that; the 3G function was automatically switched on by his telco. And for merely trying out the 3G for mere 3-4 days during Chinese New Year, his data charges reached astonishing MYR700++ (see the bill below!!).

And I believe he is not the only one who was caught by surprise by it! His colleague, unknowing user like him, was charged almost the same amount too! Even though we were given rebate, but we felt cheated then! It is an insane charges, seriously!

So when we see DiGi Plan (see picture below), we are immediately smitten by it! It is not only reasonable and very affordable as well, even for my brother who has just step into working world!

DiGi "iGet no bill shock after exceeding monthly quota" deal really wins me over! At least I don't have to suffer from "heart attack" or am I be so afraid to switch on my 3G for fear of the alarming cost it might occur!

Now, if you are interested to get one too, why not hop over to DiGi website now! 


Cheers from iPhone Family!

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