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My Cheeky Boo - Baby's Cutie Bum Photo Contest 2010

Hi folks & CD- mommies!
Saw this contest at My Cheeky Boo
In conjunction of their soon open retail shop, My Cheeky Boo is having a Baby's Cutie Bum Photo Contest!
Mommies to submit the photos of your happy baby wearing any cloth diapers that they retailed; i.e. Autumnz, Baby Beehinds, BambooLite, Bottombumpers, Cushies Tushies, Fuzzi Bunz, Happy Heiny's, Knickernappies, Moo Moo Kow, Rumparooz and Rocky Mountain Diapers!
Below is the participation info!
Good Luck to all!
How to participate? 
1 - You must subscribe to our newsletter (which of course you already are :) )
2 - You can submit as many pictures as you want. The more pictures you submit, the higher chances for winning! 
3 - Email your pictures to with the title of email : MCB PHOTO
CONTEST 2010, and the email address that you use to subcribe to our newsletter.
4 - Pictures submitted must be good in quality and in original condition (unedited)
5 - Pictures must be in in high resolution only. Otherwise will not be accepted.
6 - Along your entry(s), please provide the following details :
* Child's Full Name -
* The Cloth Diaper Brand and type (E.g Baby Beehinds Multi Fit, BambooLite Premium Fitted) that your baby is wearing in the picture -
* Date of Birth -
* Parents Name -
* Occupation -
* Mailing Address -
* Contact Number -
* Email -
Rules and Regulations :
1 - Photo taken must be baby wearing only the cloth diapers brand that My Cheeky Boo retail.
2 - The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
3 - Each prize's value may vary depends on the cloth diaper brand.
4 - All prizes will be delivered via normal post.
5 - Submission deadline : by 15th October 2010
6 - Entries will be categorised and judged according cloth diaper brands.
7 - All winners will be notified via email.
8 - Contest only open to Malaysia mailing address
By entering the contest, you are also agreeing to:

Give My Cheeky Boo and the related Cloth Diaper Company / Manufacturer full rights to use the photograph for any promotional material including print media, websites, commercials, etc.

Now the prizes! All entries that we received will be judged by the category of cloth diaper brands. Winners will receive the prizes from the same brand of the pictures they submitted. Numbers of winner might be different for each brand, depends on prizes to be given away. And we are happy to be able to get the generous support from most manufacturers.
Prizes that you can win in this competition :
2 sets of Autumnz One Size Printed Cloth Diaper (worth Rm85.80) - 1 winner
   *Colour / Print : Safari Blue and Safari White
   Sponsored by : Autumnz
1 pcs of Baby Beehinds Multi Fit Pocket Diaper (worth Rm108) - 1 winner  
   *Colour / Print : Twilight
   Sponsored by : Baby Beehinds Pty Ltd
1 pcs of Baby Beehind One Size Bamboo Fitted (worth Rm80) - 1 winner
   *Colour / Print : Natural
   Sponsored by : Baby Beehinds Pty Ltd
1 pcs of Baby Beehinds Petite AI2 size L (worth Rm80) - 1 winner
   *Colour / Print : Orange Burst
   Sponsored by : Baby Beehinds Pty Ltd
1 pcs of BambooLite Premium Fitted (worth Rm80) - 1 winner
   *Colour / Print : Chocolate
    Sponsored by : BambooLite
1 set of Cushie Tushies Minky Wet Bag (worth Rm79) - 1 winner
   *Colour / Prints : Snow Fall
    Sponsored by : Baby Sasha N Mom (Cushie Tushie's sole distributor in Malaysia)
1 set of Fuzzi Bunz One Size Pocket Diaper (worth Rm88) - 1 winner
   *Colour / Print : Lavender
    Sponsored by : My Cheeky Boo
1 set of Happy Heiny's One Size Pocket Diaper (worth Rm85) - 1 winner
   *Colour / Print : Lime
    Sponsored by : My Cheeky Boo
1 set of Knickernappies One Size Pocket Diaper with microfiber insert (worth Rm86) - 1 winner
   *Colour / Print : Spring Green
    Sponsored by : Knickernappies
1 set of Moo Moo Kow One Size Pocket Diaper (worth Rm73) - 1 winner
   *Colour / Print : Butter
    Sponsored by : My Cheeky Boo
1 set of Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper (worth Rm98 each) - 2 winners
   *Colour / Print : Eco Owl and Robotronic (new prints)
    Sponsored by : Green Choice (Rumparooz Asia Region Distributor)
1 set of Rocky Mountain Diaper with microfiber insert - 1 set (worth Rm77) - 1 winner
   *Colour / Print : Mango Lemon
    Sponsored by : Rocky Mountain Diapers

*Please note that the prize's colour/prints may change without prior notice, subject to availability.
And in return of the great support from our honorable sponsors, we hope participants that have FaceBook account can join their FaceBook Fan Page as shown above, and to receive latest updates and news of their products. Also to make the contest more interesting and to get more entries, we will have 2 Wahmies Wet Bag in All Day and Regular to be given away too.
To win the Wahmies Wet Bag, what we will do is, we will post all entries in our FaceBook Fan Page :, and you will have to share your entries from our facebook page in your profile page, and have as many as possible of friends and family to click  "Like" under your photo, in our facebook page. The most "Like" entry will win 1 Wahmies All Day Wet Bag, and the 2nd most "Like" entry will win 1 Wahmies Regular Wet Bag. And thanks to Wahmies for their generous in sponsoring the Wet Bags!

So what you're waiting for? Hurry grab your camera and snap your cutie's pictures and send it to us! Who knows, you might win all prizes! ;)
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all!
Happy snapping! *wink*

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