Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Toy and Yummy Food

Hi folks!
After DH got his "toy"(see from the pic to guess what his "toy" is) yesterday, we went to to the vegetarian restaurant MG Cafe (see my winning entry here at TheStar, Food Trail Column) again....for dinner and for DH to celebrate...haha..for finally getting his toy after one month wait...
And here's some picture of Shone, giving thumbs-up to the Vegetarian Tuna pizza, as well as KY, enjoying her yummy rice..opps forgot the name. The rice is so nice so that we had to order a second bowl. And before we left, KY wanted to buy her favourite "biscuit" or "peng" she called it. MG Cafe has so many yummy and healthy variety("eggless") of moocake...saw yummylicious durian mooncake :P price range between MYR9.50-MYR13.50. Check it out yourself at MGCafe if you are planning to get some healthy mooncake giftset for your family :)
DH said the way the rice is presented brings a warmth and bless feeling..ahem...so signally...wife...u know what to do to my lunchbox :P...yeah, lately i haven't been really creative in the kitchen... :P Will gotta buck up on this area before DH get bored with my lunchboxes :)
Enjoy the pic...(o..sorry for my Muslim friends who are fasting....but you shall get your chance to feast on lovely meals soon during Raya...now who's having open house? I am planning to visit my Muslim friends during this festive season and also a good chance to introduce kids to the meaning and goodness of living in a multi-racial country!)
Cheers to all my friends!