Friday, September 24, 2010

Vaccine for HFM on the way?

Hi folks!
When my two kids are down with HFM(again!!) this week, I cannot help but ask the doctor....."Is there no vaccine available for HFM?"
" Aren't there any ways we could prevent it?", " Why they are not immuned to it after caught it once?"
All these questions came to me. Am feeling rather upset that they caught it yet again....and praying hard it will not be as bad and will move away quickly.
This morning, having read a news that a Malaysia-based biotech company is set to develop a vaccine in eight years for the EV71 virus, which causes the infectious and potentially fatal hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD); I am REALLY RELIEVED and HAPPY!! hopefully this co. will come out with something to help us parent to relieve our fear and the pain faced by children during HFM.
For more details about this news, go to TheStar Online here.
(By the way, thanks for all your good wishes, KY has now recovered well, I can hear her singing her favourite song< "Nobody" by Wondergirl last night; wheras Shone is still under painful episodes right now. Normally the pain will subside only after 3 days, so let's hope tonight I can hear some happy tune from Shone...PRAY HARD ....)

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