Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Budding Inquisitive Shone

Hi folks!
Lately, I have noticed Shone started his inquisitive stage....while KY is all the time still asking me lotssa questions.
The difference now is...both of them started shooting me different sets of questions and expected me to answer them first!...Imagine the tension and confusion I had.. :P Like taking examination lol :P
Below are some of the random questions shot by Shone every now and then...
Q: Mummy, why daddy need to go back to work.
Q: Mummy, why did you packed your lunch using tupperware?
Q: Mummy, why today(a working day for me) we cannot go yum-cha(drink tea or sight-seeing)?
Q: Mummy, can we go swimming today...now? (at 12 midnite!!!)
Q: Mummy, why jie jie still sleeping? (when she supposed to wake up for school)
Q: Mummy, why I cannot eat ice-cream now? (at 5am in the morning)
Q: Mummy, is that (taxi) a police car?
Q: Mummy, why I cannot watch hi-5 now? (when his dad is watching news at night)
endless questions raining on me :P
What about yours? Do u get as many questions as I did from a 2 yr + inquisitive child of yours too?

Happy Answering!

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