Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have you tried bringing your kids to a cinema?

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I wonder if you guys faced the same situation as I am. Imagine this, while dating, married without kids, my hubby and I would go to cinema once a week without fail. After having kids, it is harder to sneak out for a cinema unless of course we bring our kids along. In fact, we love to and look forward to bring them along with us.

Now, this may be a blunder, but when is the first time you took your kids to cinema? How old is your child when you first took him/her to a movie? I actually brought my daughter to a cinema; watching Spiderman with my family when she is barely 6 months old. I did not know then it was not such a good idea for her hearing. I was feeling guilty later on when I heard my friend telling me that it is not good for their hearing and best to bring them after they are 3. Opps...

So, for my second child, I only brought him to a movie when he is almost 3. Yep..again...hehe..slightly earlier than what was advised by the friend. We went to watch Karate Kids with my hubby, 4-year old daughter and my 2+ year old son.

Indeed, my daughter enjoyed the whole experience, munching her popcorns and laughing along at the funny scenes whereas my son kind of intimidated by the loud speakers and sounds. I was putting my palm over her ears at the beginning of the show until he began to feel more relax and started laughing along.

So, I wonder what is the good age to bring children to a movie at the cinema or movie theatre?

But one thing for sure, I think there are some steps we could do in advance in order to ensure a smoother movie-going session with our kids:
  1. Ensure the movie title is suitable for them. No horror, "sexy", explosives and violent scenes; especially no loud bombings type which might scares them.
  2. Bring along their water bottle and their little snacks(some places allows such allowance for children) especially you cannot find anything suitable to purchase at the cinema.
  3. Bring a jacket and some small blanket to cover them or just let them hug along to feel more comfy.
  4. Be flexible and be ready to run out half-way during the movie.
  5. Educate them not to laugh or talk too loudly during the movie; yet bring along your adventurous mood not to over-reprimand really spoilt the mood....( so it really helps if you go to movies which is more of a family-genre so that the audience belongs almost the same category whereby laughter and occasional loud questions asked during the movie session is tolerated)
Do you have any other tips to share?

Hope to hear from you!


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