Friday, October 29, 2010

Recovered from Eye infection and KY Concert..

Hi folks,
The past few days been a rather busy days for me. Monday, my eyes are bit swollen. At first, I thought it was due to the sudden drop of my phone on my eyes on the night before(by Shone).
Then I realised nope, it was dropped on the right eye and not the left(swollen) eye.
Then Tuesday, redness found on the left eye. Took half day off to see doctor and rest my eye as I got an important meeting with client on Wednesday.
Brave myself to meet the client on Wednesday despite issued mc from doctor...and went home to rest after the meeting in the evening.
Thursday, went back for checkup again as instructed by the doctor. Was given another day off to rest and heal. I will post up what I did to fasten the healing of my eye infection in my next post! My eye is fine the next total of 3 days it tooked to heal! Rather fast compared to previous conjunctivitis attack and spread in my family!
Friday, up at 5.30am to prepare concert food for KY. Fried 3 packets of Bee Hoon.
TGIF...looking forward for weekend!
Have a good weekend folks! Stay healthy!

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peah @ peps said...

wow..u r such a hectic mommy...