Saturday, November 6, 2010

A little bit of history about The Swing

Hi folks!

When I first searching for ideas to redesign the banner of my blog, this image of two kids on a swing came into my mind...

Since kids, I always love the feeling of swinging freely on a swing. The feeling of freedom, fun and excitement up and away on the swing...

And how I often loves taking pictures of my kids on the swing too! And how when they were too young to sit on the swing themselves, this mummy had the privilege of playing on the swing once more an placing my young child on my lap! :)

The fond memories of having fun in a playground in Melbourne years ago as an adult flashes back to me. The playground is sturdy enough to welcome adults like me! In fact, when I lined up for the long and high slide, I stood behind a teenager who looks like 14 yet twice the size of Asian size...

What I am trying to relate and remind myself here is never stop taking the risk, ride & excitement in life.. Have fun and challenge every obstacles like you did on the playground while u were young, every distance, every height.. With no fear and just determination and courage!!!

Way to go, Molly!!!!

Cheers & Gambateh in every way!

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