Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our favourite Tissue Brand and her new Baby

Hi folks!

Normally I am the one who does the "marketing" for household products in my family.

But there are certain brands which DH favours over the rest available in the market.

One being Kleenex® .

DH loves the quality of Kleenex® tissues which he says worth buying over other brands.

For me, I normally grab the "acceptable" brands which is having promotion ..hehe....cost-saving habits!

Now, when we were informed that Kleenex® is introducing her new baby, i.e. The brand new Kleenex® Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes, we are more than happy to try out this "new baby" of  Kleenex®

After testing it, all I can say is I love the soft yet durable texture, and of course the "pocket-sized" which makes it very handy to place in my handbag for emergency use (of course when it is nice to use, doesn't mean we should use it all the time...think of our environment first!).

I have tried some other brands, some tore at initial retrieval, some tore at first few wipes, some "too wet". This one just fine....

The only thing that took the likings of my children(but not me) is the lovely smell....though it is pleasant smell but I cannot help to think of the "fragrance" behind. hehe...the "Sherlock Holmes" in me...however I find most wet wipes in the market tends to have some kinda smell...don't you think?

So, now if you like to try out this Kleenex tissues or get the limited edition with Disney cartoon prints, you can get at most hypermarkets or major pharmacies.

And yep, you can check out more about the very-much promoted kills 99.XX percent of bacteria, soft on hands and other special goodness marketed for this product!

Cheers to a clean and healthy wipes!

Disclaimer: I received 2 pkts of Kleenex wet wipes to test. All opinion are solely my own experience using it.

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