Sunday, November 14, 2010

What I learnt from the HFMD battles?

Hi folks!
My kids were down with Hand Food Mouth Disease(HFMD) again in mid-September 2010. They have had it in year 2009. So this is the second time they had to battle with HFMD.
Obviously I am devastated that they caught it again. But I also learnt a lot from it.
I always believe that knowing the disease well is good so that we can be more well-prepared; physically and mentally to win the battle.
After the first HFMD battle in year 2009, when they caught it the second time, I am more cautious and observant on the symptoms.
When the first doctor reported that it is not HFMD, I am not convince. I went to see another paediatrician to double-confirm. As HFMD is contagious, so I want to make sure whether they have caught it so that I can start quarantine them at home and not spreading the HFMD to other kids. I always believe the parents play an important role during the incubation period. We should not bring the kids out during this period. Some parents aren't aware that once the symtoms disappear, it can still spread. So it is good to read and ask your doctor.
Obvious symptom to watch out for:
  1. Onset of fever. On the first till second day, they will get fever.
  2. Complains of mouth sore.
  3. Eating slower than usual or refusing solids and milk.
  4. Red dots on palms, feet.
  5. Ulcers on mouth and tongue.

Below are some of the important points I learnt and did during the HFMD battle:
  1. Always emphasize the importance of hygience to the children (start from young). No finger-biting and always wash hand before they touch their food.
  2. Parents have to stay clean and healthy too. Frequent hand-washing, keeping ourselves healthy is very important. When I was caring for my HFMD-stricken kids, I make sure I wash my hands frequently,I eat proper meals, drink enough water and took my vitamin C.D
  3. Clean and wash the bed linen, towel, hankerchief, cups that they uses. I replace their toothbrush after they recovered from it.
  4. I made barley water, cook soup daily to replenish their fluid since they cannot take solid and most would even avoid drinking milk for the first 3 days.
  5. I bought lots of yakult and allow them to take ice-cream if that is the only things they are able to swallow in. 
 For more details on HFMD, you can always google and check out the articles online. One which I referred to is:
Stay alert, healthy and strong folks!
(Picture from wikipedia on HFMD)


transformed housewife said...

thanks for the info. I was afraid at one time when some kids in the playcentre in NZ suffered from HFMD. Luckily my daughters didn't get it.

MeRy said...

Hope ur kid is recovering by now...Takecare.

AlohaMolly said...

Thanks Merryn, they are both recovered..just like to share and keep a record for myself on various methods to sooth the HFMD pain :)

Yup, lucky for your gals Kak's really painful!


Stay them healthy and hygienic!