Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Challenges faced by a WAHM and WAHM's kids

Hi folks,

As promised, I would like to shed some thoughts of the challenges faced by a WAHM and WAHM's kids.

In the olden days, that is during our parents' generation, it is a common sight to see women working from home doing various jobs ranging from being a babysitter, a tailor, or a baker making cookies, cakes and etc.

In current generation, women who work from home have new entrants, i.e. women who used to work in multi-national companies or MNCs and were holding good position, great income after spending years pursuing their studies and enjoying a high-flying career.

These people have chose a "greener pastures" which is to care for their family as a full-time mom. Kudos to these women!

For some of these women, they may need to take a pay-cut or take up a lesser income or lower-paying job in return for a more flexible time with their kids and family.

Thus, financially, it may proves to be a challenge when time is gained.

So for some WAHM/D, it means that they might have to:

1. Look for alternatives local or nearer destination rather than spending a big fortune on expensive holiday destination like they used to be.
One WAHD used to joke and share with the rest of us, WAHM-wannabes, that, one of the thing he misses most after becoming a WAHD is that he used to fly Business Class, but now he has to make do with economy class.

2. Limit their choices of extra classes like ballet class, piano lessons.
One WAHM, who quited her job told me that one of the noticeable difference when she became a WAHM; is now she would need to think twice and really shortlist her choices when it comes to enrolling her kids to these extra-curricular activities which doesn't comes cheap nowadays!

3. Slice off the expenditure allocated for expensive spa, facial, cosmetics, branded bags or shoes, etc.
Many WAHM out there, you do agree right, you can no longer spend on Coach bags, Jimmy Choo's shoes and expensive outfits as often anymore! Unless of course you are doing really well at your WAH biz which is not impossible!

For WAHM's kids, the challenges would be quite similar financially too:

1. Not much international holiday travelling
These days, kids would boast or "share" where they have been during school holidays when school reopen or before the holidays start! Talking about peer influence and peer pressure......

2. Cannot afford to attend many/any extra-curricular activities like art, drama, music, ballet, you name it!
When I was young, I was the odd one in my class when everyone goes to a tuition centre after class except me. I spent my afternoon napping and studying at home. I also don't have the luxury to go for music lessons, 'cos if I get to go, it means my parents have to be fair and able to send the rest of my siblings to one too!

3. No frequent purchase/update of latest PSP, Mobile phone, etc.
These days, kids own a mobile phone and PSP as young as primary school children! And they are looking at the latest model every now and then! Talking about peer influence and peer pressure again!

And these challenges, when look at the positive note, it can be a good experience too!

1. Travelling becomes a creative adventure to scout for the cheapest and most attractive places to go and it becomes a luxury and an event to look forward each time.

When things become scarce, people tend to treasure it more, isn't it! And people learn to improvise and make the best of of everything! Human species are indeed survivor!

2. No fully-packed for kids with extra-curricular activities and WAHM/D need not spent most of their time on the road, paying tolls to drive their kids around different places of "interest".

For my case, I don't really miss out on the tuition part, in fact I went for a English tutoring session during one of the school holiday just for the experience, and boy, did I hated it! I stopped after barely one month because it is really tiring and crowded. So ask your kids if they really do need the tutoring or merely the socialising part of this activity ;)

3. Items are put under Wish List, and to be earned for. Nothing comes easily, and these been taught since young!

Before I even finished my SPM exam, I have applied for scholarships to further my study because that is what I wanted to do, i.e. to further my study and I knew I have to find a way to fulfill it without burning a hole in my parents' pocket.

Children these days should be trained to work for it! Whatever items they desired, they should give in an equal amount of effort.

So challenges made into a character building part of a child and to the parents as well...

What say you? Ready for the WAHM parenthood? Let's share!


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Friday, January 22, 2010

Makan trip at Loving Hut, Puchong

DH's western set

Shone is showing "thumbs"-up which means Good!

Finger-licking good...

Pumpkin soup and baguette

Entertains himself and self-feeding time

Latest makan trip at Loving Hut ( yep, this mommy has been busy spring cleaning for Chinese New Year and the kitchen is in a big less home-cooking and more eating out lately :P)

Here is Shone, enjoying his pumpkin soup with yummy Baguette. Yummy...finger-licking good!

The food here is really's one of the yummy vegan and vegetarian outlets located in Puchong, a bubbling eatery place!

Loving Hut Cafe @ Puchong,
15 Jalan Puteri 2/7,
Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor.
Business Hours: 11am to 10pm
Tel: 03-8062 7769

Check out their recent promotion here!

Have a great day friends!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Favourite Inexpensive Indulgence

Chocolate Chip Ice-cream!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How much should you earn?

Hi folks,
New Year, New Aspiration...
Is anyone of you looking for career advancement/change?

Check out how much you should earn here from Jobstreet:


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foto Miami Warehouse Sales, 21 to 24 January 2010

Hi folks!

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, Foto Miami Warehouse Sales is here!

Wow...anyone going here? I plan to go and collect something actually....might try and check out the bargains there!


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Fast Moving Consumer Goods (PRINGLES, PAMA, MAMME, WRIGLEY'S & etc)

Time : 930am to 730pm

Location (Tel 1300 88 8388 / 016 330 0007)

13 Jalan Tandang

Petaling Jaya



Monday, January 18, 2010

Finger Counting Shone


Actually Shone is trying to show "GOOD" sign, but somehow both Shone and KY tend to show the index/pointer finger instead of thumb for "Good" sign/thumbs-up! Not sure why, does your kids do the same?

And this is FOUR..

Not sure where he learnt this...perhaps he's trying to tell others that he is now 4 years old and can follow his jie jie to nursery!!!



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kiddyplace Instant Cash Rebate (January 5 - February 28, 2010)

Hi folks,

Kiddyplace is now having Instant Cash Rebate Offer at their outlet at Cheras Leisure Mall
starting from January 5th till February 28th, 2010.

If your purchase is between:

* RM100-RM149, you'll receive instant cash rebate of RM10
* RM150-RM199, you'll receive instant cash rebate of RM15
* RM200-RM249, you'll receive instant cash rebate of RM20
* RM250-RM299, you'll receive instant cash rebate of RM25

Happy Shopping!