Friday, June 11, 2010

LilDanzell e-Store “INVENTORY REDUCTION SALES” from 13th June – 30th June, 2010

Hi folks,
Another sales notice from LilDanzell e-Store.
In case u looking for some bargain...I am gonna check out the mamapatch clothpad on sales..hehe..c u there!

LilDanzell e-Store will be having an "INVENTORY REDUCTION SALES"  from 13th June – 30th June, 2010 !!

We have lots of special offers, do check them out & we hope that there is something there for everyone. 
*Please take note that all payments have to be done within 72 hours upon orders being placed or else they'll be returned back into the inventory.

Items on Sales: 

Cloth Diapers, Inserts & Diapering Accessories including Grobaby Shell Sets V2,  Soaker Sets & Boosters (*will start on 13th June, 2010), WetbagsBlueberry Diapers
 3.0, Diaper CoversLittle OS Super Soakers, etc.....

Mama Cloth Pads & Cloth Bags

Roo Totes & Roo Shoppers

Kidz Apparels

& Lots more.....To view all Sales Items, Click Here: LINK

Happy Browsing & Happy Shopping! 

Warmest Regards, 
Lil Danzell 
only the best for your little one! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

KIKO Warehouse Sale, 10 to 13 June 2010

 Hi folks,
Another warehouse sale is on!

KIKO Warehouse Sale


From RM5 Onwards

Kidswear (Ages 1 – 14)


Time: 10am – 5pm


Location (Tel: 603 8068 8888)

KIKO Garments Sdn Bhd

No. 1 Jalan Industri PBP13

Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong

47100 Puchong

Selangor Daru Ehsan


Kiddyplace Baby Fair June 11th till 20th, 2010

Hi folks,

Saw some nice and yummy deals for moms and babes!

Check out these if you are looking for something for ur baby!


P.s: Love those lovely bags..haha



Kiddyplace will be having our Baby Fair at Ground Floor Promotion
Area, Cheras LeisureMall from June 11th till 20th, 2010.
The exact location of our Baby Fair is at the Ground Floor
promotion area (Giant Block), near Baleno.

Here are some of the brands that are on sale at the baby fair:

Dr Brown
Fisher Price
My Dear
Bumble Bee
Simple Dimple
Royale Baby
Fun Active
And many more...

Products on sale:

Baby & Toddler Clothes
Shoes & Sock
Educational Toys
Diaper Bags
Feeding Bottles
Baby Stroller
Battery Car
Baby Cot
Baby Carseat
Baby Monitor
And many more...

Notes: Some items such as bulky items are on sale at Kiddyplace
outlet, Level 2, Cheras Leisure Mall, not available at the baby

Time : 10:15am - 9:45pm

Please visit Kiddyplace Baby Fair during June 11th till 20th, 2010!

For special highlights on some of the promotion items, please visit:

Kiddyplace Sdn. Bhd.
Tel: 03-9133-1201
L2-01F, 2nd Floor, Cheras Leisure Mall, Jalan Manis, Taman Segar, Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Parenting by character seminar

Hi folks!

Saw this seminar ad at Parenthots.

Sounds intesting..just to share the info with you all!


There will be a one-day "Parenting by Character" seminar on July 31 from 9-5pm in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
The seminar, conducted by Joseph Tan, associate of John Rosemond's Leadership Parenting Coaching Institute in the United States, will cover these topics: 
  • Create a parent-centred family;
  • Understand the seasons of parenting;
  • Mastering "Alpha" parenting;
  • Pay less attention, be less involved, be happier, grow happier kids;
  • Using consequences effectively;
  • "Teen-Proofing" your child;
  • Dealing with the argumentative & strong-willed child;
  • Creating a family of value;
  • Defining true success both at home and at work; and
  • Design creative discipline strategies.
For more information and to register, call (012) 3271700, email or visit

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I LOVE U Contest by Little Kids Photography & Little Mama’s LOVE Baby Boutique

Hi folks!
One of my favourite WAHM guru/mama has taken a BIG STEP in realising her WAHM dream!!
Kak Ros from LittleMamaDiary, (who is also the blog owner of a big community at  Mom Bloggers Planet) as she is fondly called by us(mommy bloggers/WAHM wannabes which includes daddys..or guys) has set up two new ventures:
 And to commerate this event, she has organised a contest called:


One of the MUST do steps for this contest are:
1. Name one of the photography package by Little Kids Photography

One of the particularly package that I found in Little Kids Photography is the HAPPY MOMENTS -New Arrival Package which I think is one that I really feel is nice and meaningful as it captures the first moment of love with our child.

Hint: To get to know the packages, go to this site.

2. Name one of the item on sale at Little Mama's LOVE Baby Boutique
Ah, This is not too difficult as I have been browsing and eyeing for some items ever since Kak Ros launches her site :P. One of the item on sale which caught my eyes is Little Kids Apron as I have been trying to get Shone one kids' apron so that he doesn't fight with his sister :P over the PHD apron I received previously.
Little Kids Apron

3. What's interesting about Little Kids Photography and Little Mama's LOVE?"

Little Kids Photography and Little Mama's LOVE are interesting as it is a labour of love from a mom and it is of good quality as well! And I believe we should all support the labour of love from mom to their kids! Furthermore, it is awesomely good!

 So guys, if you all like to join this contest as well, head over to LittleMamaDiary site now and check out the yummy prizes offered!


By the way, I am vying to get the early bird prizes :P I love to support the labor of love from a WAHM enthusiast!




Hush Puppies Annual Warehouse Sale, 4 to 13 June 2010 any nice shoes for Shone :)

Hush Puppies Annual Warehouse Sale

Up to 70% Off

[SNS: Check out last year's warehouse sale in June 2009]


Additional 5% discount for Maybankard and American Express Cardmembers (except on footwear)


Products Offered






Time: 10am – 7pm



Shoe Connection Sdn Bhd

No 15 Jalan 1/13

Bandar Kinrara Puchong

47100 Puchong

Selangor Darul Ehsan


New, better, slimmer, iPhone unveiled

Wow..finally officially unveiled!
Check out here at TheStarOnline for more details!
So now Iphone 4 can support iPad u still wanna get an Ipad? :P

STPM Review on Mamapatch Cloth Pad

Hi folks!
Haha..wat does STPM means here? Nope, not the Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (the equivalent of Cambridge A-Levels Exam Certification in Malaysia).
It simply means:
S- Second
T- Time
P- Parenthood
M- Molly/Mommy
So in future, I shall use "STPM" as the short form.
So today, it will be STPM Review on Mamapatch Cloth Pad entry ;)
I have been using Mamapatch Cloth Pad (menstrual pad) for 3 cycle now. And I must say it makes a difference on the flow. I usually have very heavy flow from 1st nite till the 3rd day. And normally I get really tired and at times painful cramp on my 2nd day. But after switching to cloth pad, my flow reduced (not that heavy) and I hardly notice that I am having my period.
I used to spend up to 16 pads (disposable heavy flow wing type) per cycle. And now after mix using cloth pad (during day time I am still mix-using disposable at work), I only use up to 3-4 pads per cycle.
I must say it really does well on my well-being and my pockets ($$).
Now, I must say speaking to particularly on Mamapatch Cloth Pad, I must say I love using their new "Premium fleece" Cloth pad. During their last anniversary sales, I managed to order one Premium fleece regular 9" as well as stock up on their Regular Pads and Night 13Maxi to try out.
Here's what I found (which I hope would be useful for those of you who are new to cloth pad like me and like to decide on which type to invest ;)…this is purely on my own personal review on Mamapatch, I have not venture out to other brands to try out..Maybe other more experienced cloth pad user can share more with me regarding this product :D ):
Premium fleece

(Picture taken from
I love the fact that this type of pad:
1.       Absorbs really well
2.       Light-weight compared to the regular type
3.       Faster to dry & easier to wash the stain away
4.       Feel more comfy to wear compared to the regular type
5.       More Pricey
Verdict: Planning to get the maxi type for this Fleece pad.
Regular Pads
(Picture taken from
1.       Price more affordable
2.       Good to use on not-so-heavy flows day
Verdict: I own two of this type which should be good enough for one cycle when mix and match with fleece type which is easier wash and faster to dry.
Night 13Maxi
(Picture taken from
1.       Good to wear during heavy flow nite time
2.       Not so suitable to wear on type-fitting wear during daytime as it seems bulky
Verdict: I own one of this, might get another one for night wear or the fleece type.
Overall, I feel I need to get just 1-2 fleece (maxi) and one wetbag to go fully-clothpad. Now that I feel comfortable of wearing it day and nite( Experimented during the weekend  when I was not working). Another thing to note is I would prefer to get those not so dark in colours(es. not red) so that I know I have fully wash the stain away :P As the red one I got makes me wondering if I have thoroughly clean the pad :P hehe..another tips for u all :) cloth pad newbies like me! 
So when is the next sales on cloth pad..haha..if you guys know any good deals, do share with me!
And don't hesitate to try the cloth pad, u'll be amazed!
Plus, I feel going green can start simply from less usage of one plastic bag, one disposable and one disposable container. It can start from a single step and single less use of that harmful material. Start from a single step. We can do our bit for the earth and to our health. So no harm trying out the product :)
Cheers to a healthier living and healthier planet!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Workshop for mums

Hi folks,
Saw this event at Parenthots.
Anyone interested to attend?
Need to check out more details like the fees, time and venue.. :)

Workshop for mums

PJT Resources is organising a workshop on July 10 for mothers who want to learn how to raise happy, obedient and intelligent children.

The workshop will include tips on how to help kids develop higher EQ & SQ, how to create a happy marriage and handle stress.

There is a 50% discount for those who register before June 15.

For more information and to register, call Dr Calista Tan at (016) 926-2352 or (019) 371-2352.