Saturday, June 19, 2010 Bro grad..Congrats!

Snapping a pic with my sis..nah this beautiful lady is my mom ;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

ONE DAY Fabulousmom 1st ANNIVERSARY Sale at TTDI

Hi Folks,
Don't miss this especially if you are staying at TTDI and looking for something for urself or babes!

Fabulousmom, TTDI outlet will be turning ONE this Saturday 19th June 2010.

To celebrate their 1st Anniversary, they will be having a ONE DAY 20% storewide discount (except best buy and discounted items).

Don't miss this ONE DAY sale - available only at TTDI outlet.

Join Lifebuoy for Jom Lebih Sihat

Hi folks,

If you happened to be shopping at 1Utama this weekend, you might like to check out the "Lifebuoy for Jom Lebih Sihat" event, June 16-20 at Highstreet concourse, 1Utama Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya.

The five-day celebration will see loads of fun and educational activities for both adults and kids as well as the display of a giant structure in the shape of the number '1' at Highstreet concourse. The giant structure will symbolise the great support from our fellow Malaysians towards the "Malaysia, Jom Lebih Sihat!" campaign.

An official closing ceremony of the campaign will also be held on June 19 with appearances by campaign ambassadors Amy Mastura, Loo Aye Keng and M. Kumaresan.
Info extracted from Parenthots.
Have a good and fulfilling weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mummy's Reviews: Giveaway #9: Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Cloth Diapers

Hi CD Mommies,
Here's another good news...Mummy's Reviews is having her Giveaway #9: Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Cloth Diapers

Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Diapers

Check out Mummy Reviews write up on the main features of the diaper as well as the giveaway rules here. The giveaway will run until 14 July 2010.

Happy Contesting and Cd-ing!




Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Dragon Boat(Dumpling) Festival

Hi folks!
Happy Dragon Boat(Dumpling) Festival to u all....
(Note: For those who like to know about this festival celebrated by Chinese around the globe, you may like to check out this site here)
Have you taken any dumplings?
Dumpling or tzung tzu is the most popular dish during Dragon Boat Festival is originally eaten in memory of the patriot Chu Yuan, but gradually evolving into a snack eaten during normal occasions as well.
(extracted from the site here)
These days there are a lot of halal(no pork) and even organic dumplings made of organic brown rice (last year it cost MYR5 per pc), I am not sure about this year though. But one thing for certain, as I heard over the radio saying that the shortage of porks have cause the price to increase MYR2 and some sellers have considered to kill the younger pigs(less than the usual 80gm, correct me if I am wrong about this figure) just to fulfil the market needs.
Now, hearing this news, would you make your smart choices by opting for vegetarian or organic dumplings(meatless?) Do your part if you feel sorry for the pigs(or chicken in any case, they might just replace with other meats, which still comes from animal sources).
Here's a pic. of my vegetarian dumpling(half-eaten :P hehe). Basically it has all the normal ingredients used in a typical traditional dumplings minus the meat...and some used "mock meat" made from soya-based protein product.
Now..this is something green to do as well in celebrating the special day.....try the vegetarian one for a change..or even an organic ones ;) And oh yes, when you eat dumpling(typically made from glutinuous rice which is harder to digest than normal rice, take it with green tea or any tea for that matter to help in digestion, that's the old folks practice passed down from my family :D)
Happy Dumpling Festival again...and may the "loyalty" spirit  of patriot Chu Yuan brush upon us too!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lunar n Eng. Birthday

wow...for my record purposes..hehe...

Both date concides today ;)

Hope it means a double lucky year for me ;)


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Happy Birth-day...

Hi folks,

To those who are celebrating their birthday today….Happy Birthday to u all and also to me J

Today marks my 30th birthday….which I hope brings more cheers, laughter and good health to perform my responsibilities and "mission" in life.

I often marveled and wonder how it would be being in the thirties.

I love the air of confidence, financial security and the wisdom that women in thirties seem to possess. I know these do not come with the mere blow of 3 candles on the takes life experiences and choices they made.

I hope I shall also experience and make the right choices in life at 30, fully taking part in the adventures given.

Let us be "Reborn" each day, cherish and celebrate each day of our life.

Live as if it is the last day or if not..imagine 2012 prediction might actually comes true. Set our priorities right for the importance "balls" in our life! Live the life you would be "proud" to have..Be "SPECTACULAR" (in Godly nature's way)..
Celebrate your new self with new vision and strength to make a better and fruitful day each day..

Cheers to all!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Pay Less Books Warehouse Sale,18 to 20 June 2010

Hi folks,
Another books sales on!

Pay Less Books Warehouse Sale


Warehouse Sale 1

Date: 11 – 13 June 2010

Time: 12pm – 8pm

Location: 9-2, Jalan Setia Prima SU13/S, Section U13, Shah Alam


Warehouse Sale 2

Date: 18 – 20 June 2010

Time: 10am – 7pm

Location: Ground Floor, Milennium Square, Jalan 14/1, Petaling Jaya