Saturday, September 11, 2010

A visit to Time Tunnel@Cameron Highland

Hi folks!
It is amazing to find so many ancient stuff at working condition here!

They are from top, a babywalker, on the wall is the colorful assortment of metal trays for serving food and drinks, a "ilmu hisab"/mathematical table for std. 1-3, a tricycle and lastly a old saloon steamer :)

A short trip to Cameron

Thursday, September 9, 2010

An inspiring to share to welcome a Peaceful and lovely Aidilfitri

Hi folks!
Tomorrow is the day all Muslims looking forward to, i.e. Hari Raya...(i guess many non-Muslims like me look forward to this day we all celebrate together as Malaysian and we all enjoy having a nice break and time to spend with our family).
I like to share this lovely, heartwarming story to commemorate this lovely festive season....
Enjoy..and have a lovely time with your families and friends.
A True Story.... (as the title goes to this story I received in my mailbox yesterday...)

A woman baked chapati for members of her family and an extra one for a hungry passerby. She kept the extra chapati on the window sill, for whosoever would take it away. Everyday, a hunchback came and took away the chapati. Instead of expressing gratitude, he muttered the following words as he went his way: "The evil you do remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!" This went on, day after day. Everyday, the hunchback came, picked up the chapati and uttered the words: "The evil you do, remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!"  The woman felt irritated. "Not a word of gratitude," she said to herself...

"Everyday this hunchback utters this jingle! What does he mean?"  One day, exasperated, she decided to do away with him. "I shall get rid of this hunchback," she said. And what did she do? She added poison to the chapatti she prepared for him! As she was about to keep it on the window sill, her hands trembled. "What is this I am doing?" she said.  Immediately, she threw the chapati into the fire, prepared another one and kept it on the window sill. As usual, the hunchback came, picked up the chapati and muttered the words: "The evil you do, remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!" The hunchback proceeded on his way, blissfully unaware of the war raging in the mind of the woman.

Everyday, as the woman placed the chapati on the window sill, she offered a prayer for her son who had gone to a distant place to seek his fortune. For many months, she had no news of him.. She prayed for his safe return. That evening, there was a knock on the door. As she opened it, she was surprised to find her son standing in the doorway.  He had grown thin and lean. His garments were tattered and torn. He was hungry, starved and weak. As he saw his mother, he said, "Mom, it's a miracle I'm here. While I was but a mile away, I was so famished that I collapsed. I would have died, but just then an old hunchback passed by. I begged of him for a morsel of food, and he was kind enough to give me a whole chapati. As he gave it to me, he said, "This is what I eat everyday: today, I shall give it to you, for your need is greater than mine!" " As the mother heard those words, her face turned pale.

She leaned against the door for support. She remembered the poisoned chapati that she had made that morning. Had she not burnt it in the fire, it would have been eaten by her own son, and he would have lost his life! It was then that she realized the significance of the words: "The evil you do remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!"  Do good and  Don't ever stop doing good, even if it's not appreciated at that time.
If you like this, share it with others and I bet you so many lives would be touched.
Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jom Masak- External Cooking Class September 2010

Hi folks,
Some cooking class is on. Check out the flyers :)

Farewell Elaine

Another farewell to my teammate... Huhu...

Selamat Hari Raya

Hi folks, I think some already on the road back to kampung :) I like to take this chance to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya& Selamat memandu ;)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Toy and Yummy Food

Hi folks!
After DH got his "toy"(see from the pic to guess what his "toy" is) yesterday, we went to to the vegetarian restaurant MG Cafe (see my winning entry here at TheStar, Food Trail Column) again....for dinner and for DH to celebrate...haha..for finally getting his toy after one month wait...
And here's some picture of Shone, giving thumbs-up to the Vegetarian Tuna pizza, as well as KY, enjoying her yummy rice..opps forgot the name. The rice is so nice so that we had to order a second bowl. And before we left, KY wanted to buy her favourite "biscuit" or "peng" she called it. MG Cafe has so many yummy and healthy variety("eggless") of moocake...saw yummylicious durian mooncake :P price range between MYR9.50-MYR13.50. Check it out yourself at MGCafe if you are planning to get some healthy mooncake giftset for your family :)
DH said the way the rice is presented brings a warmth and bless signally...wife...u know what to do to my lunchbox :P...yeah, lately i haven't been really creative in the kitchen... :P Will gotta buck up on this area before DH get bored with my lunchboxes :)
Enjoy the pic...(o..sorry for my Muslim friends who are fasting....but you shall get your chance to feast on lovely meals soon during who's having open house? I am planning to visit my Muslim friends during this festive season and also a good chance to introduce kids to the meaning and goodness of living in a multi-racial country!)
Cheers to all my friends!

Monday, September 6, 2010

IPhone 4 has landed

To super-duper Apple fan today...finally...a long one mth wait.. :)

Are You a TNG and CIMB bank user?

Hi folks,

If u are, do take note this new saving measure(see pic).50 cents is a lot if u ar regular TnG user ;)
Note: This is not a paid ad. ;) just sharing cost-saving news!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Ironman" exhausted

Exhausted Shone, finally slept on the sofa. Doting sis went to carry him and lie on her lap, DH & Ky happily took pic before sending Shone to bed.