Tuesday, March 8, 2011

About Homework, Housework and Office work

Hi folks!

One night KY was telling me her homework for the day. Then, when it comes to his dad going through the homework with her, I said, "Daddy is going back to office later.".

KY then asked, " Why? Daddy has not complete his work?" I said, "Yes."
KY asked again, " Has Daddy's boss completed his work? I paused....and said, "Well, when you are a boss, you perhaps just need to "delegate" or instruct others to do :P, so KY next time want to be a boss or not?".....My indirect message did not sent to her...she continued to ask," Then has daddy's colleagues finished their work? Is daddy working with his colleagues tonite?"

"No." I said. Daddy is working alone.

"So, daddy's colleagues have finished their work?", asked KY again.

"Yes." I said.

"Then why daddy has not finish his work like his colleague?", asked KY again.

I paused again(don't know how to answer or explain to her about overtime work etc...so I said, "Why not you go and ask your daddy :P ".

She is shy to asked and said, "Mommy you ask lar...."

I said, "No, you go and ask yourself."

And off she went to ask her dad ........

I didn't get to hear DH's replies as I am "rescued" from the querying session and straight away went to have my shower :P

And now...mommy has tonnes of housework to do after work each night....so I gotta do things quickly on time...otherwise it'll piled up and ended up enormously huge and scary to tackle..Imagine few mountains of unfolded laundries, unwashed dishes, unwashed dirty clothes..these are the basic "housework" of mine every day.

I only do my mopping of floor once a week.. :P Do you all get to mop everyday?

Yes, there are people who do so..one of them is my brother-in-law...totally salute him...he will do all the mopping and cooking after work...and once my sis reached home..got nice and warm home-cooked dinner...

Not complaining here...at least DH is ok to eat takeway when his wife a.k.a me is lazy to cook :P


Cheers to all the "Workssss" we are still able to perform! It shows we are "able" and healthy!

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