Monday, March 21, 2011

Do you listen to MYFM?

Hi folks!

If you are a regular listener of MYFM, perhaps you would have heard of this contest:

I normally tuned to the radio station while driving and which station I tuned in depends greatly on the passenger I am fetching.

If I am alone...I would vary from 988, One FM, or to my own CDs ;)

But I have yet to win any contest in the radio stations, reasons being I get "kelam-kabut" or disorientated if I do received their call when I drive :P haha..

To those who joined radio station contest, wonder how do you managed? Do you stopped by the roadside? Or do you join such contest only when you are not driving?
Yea, some people do have such privilege to listen to radio station "legally" in office during office hour you know!

What a happy working time! Cheers!

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