Monday, March 7, 2011

How to update or amend application form for Standard 1(Selangor)

Hi folks!

In my haste, I actually choose the wrong fields and entered some wrong data and clicked Submit for the application for Primary 1.

If you faced the same issue, you will find you can't re-enter/reapply after submitting and there's no back button for the form too.
I was told I could update/"Kemaskini" my details but I forgot to ask how and where. Alas, I managed to find the way and sharing with you all now..if you do choose the wrong school, etc, you can amend from the steps below. However, from the Rules and Regulations, it is stated that "pindaan hanya boleh dibuat sebanyak 3 kali" , so seems that we can only do the amendments max. 3 times!!! So do read carefully before click SUBMIT!

Learn my lessons :P
Now, in order to update your details/data entered, all you need to do is to click on, select Semakan Keputusan Penempatan Pelajar Tahun 1 Negeri Selangor 2011   (the button is on the right of the website) and choose KEMASKINI.

(Note: This will also be the site we could check the status I suppose :) 'cos when I enter, I saw that if we have got the school to certified("pengesahan"), we will be able to see the status there, but i guess it depends how fast the school update into the system. Anyhow, I am keeping this link in mind!)

Cheers and hope you have successfully completed your application.

I just got mine certified by the school immediately after I made the amendments and saw I was no. 139 in their list..phew...

Cheers..and cheers...cheers to all...take deep breath and you can make it!

(Btw, even though I saw it written that if your house got no internet access or you faced difficulties doing it online, you could refer to the school/do it at the school, but somehow when I visited the school seems that some parents are asked to find their ways to fill up the online guess not all schools have the service or facilities to assist u to apply online/get them to help to fill up online for you.)

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Mummy to QiQi said...

wah...only 3 times? hope yours were done correctly in the end and hope u get the school u want.