Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Int'l Women's Day EVERYDAY! nice if it's Women's Day everyday and we all find a good reason to pamper ourselves....or do we even need a reason to reward ourselves..ladies? :P

Now, coming to this, are you earning for some spa session?

Int'l Women's Day EVERYDAY! Get your lady partner a relaxing spa session at #EDB . Would only cost you RM36 at #MilkADeal

Wow..too good to be true?

I actually saw many such promotion and one of them is from one of the well-known slimming fitness center which have famous lower price for their slimming programme..very tempting rite...but still trying hard to shed the extra kilos...before my kids thought I am pregnant again...Thank goodness!

Diligently doing my situps every night now...


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