Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Owning iPhone 4?

Hi folks!

Yesterday, hubby suddenly asked if I have changed mine to a micro SIM card (iPhone 4 and IPad are using microSIM card btw..). I said nope.....I did make the changes...and Why? I said.

Hubby said, well then you would be able to use iPhone

So, does that means I am getting my iPhone 4 soon? :P

Or, is he contemplating on changing to iPhone 5 and i will inherit his phone just as what I did now..using his iPhone 3Gs.

Or,will I be able to shout:

From today onwards, my life is going to change. I no longer need to depend on SMS, let alone MMS. Why you ask? Because I can now be a proud owner of an iPhone4! Thank you, #DiGiiPhone4 dreaming...WAKE UP and back to work now!


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