Monday, March 28, 2011

Reminisce on past traveling trips

Hi folks!

Recently, DH and I were talking about traveling trips.

My next traveling destination that I hope to make is to visit my aunts at Down Under, whereas DH wanted to visit Taiwan.

It reminds me of the time, during my final year study break; I took a trip to Taiwan for a month during the winter time. It was recorded as the coldest winter at the time.

I am lucky as being a student then I couldn't afford to get a pricey thermal clothing, some travel-savvy friends loan me a pair of long john and a ladies underwear.

With a thermal wear, you can avoid layering yourself too much during the cold weather and end up looking like a huge ballooned or stuffed snowman :P

When I wear those thermal wear , I can easily wear another pair of jeans and turtle-neck sweater on top of it when I go sight-seeing. During the night, I can choose to cover myself with thick blanket wearing just the ladies underwear :P my travel-savvy friends said, "Don't over-cover yourself too much when you sleep, else when you woke up; removing the warm blanket, you'll be freezing..."

Really miss traveling to those different or four season climate country. I feel the people staying in those country really know how to take care of themselves.

Everyone in Germany, even males can be seen sipping their hot herbal tea in their hot flask or thermos. Isn't that nice? My friend told me that some people in Taiwan even have the habit of sipping hot miso soup on the go...that's a brilliant way to stay warm and healthy at the same time.

Besides, staying on these cold climate country, you also need to put on protective measure like lip balm, lotion and even sun care lotion. I inherited the good habits from my trips to these countries....diligently applying lip balm and lotion ;) even now back in Malaysia.

How about you? Did you pick up something useful from your traveling trips? Do share with me....


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