Friday, March 4, 2011

Taking a break....

Hi folks!

I made the decision to take half day off today.......have been working non-stop since CNY...(yep, didn't take any leave during CNY at all...)

I am replenishing my "spinach" from Popeye today...much needed one to march on with super-duper busy schedule ahead!

So, what have I planned to do during my short half day break? No planning actually...

JUst wanna relax.....oh..and perhaps listen to the two CDs I won..and one of them is Maroon5 ;)

Heard of Maroon5?

Oh the tunes #Maroon5 brings to KL!! Grab a #MaxisHTC and you'll get their tickets at a 30% discount. 5 rockstar phones to choose from.


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