Friday, March 18, 2011

What a txxxxxxx mom!

Hi folks,

I felt like a terrible mom. What an opening but yes, indeed, I feel really awful.

This whole week is school holiday and coincidentally(yep, not on purpose, just happened to browse through and found some books for the kids to do, with stickers and all during my book-hunting at MPH last weekend),  KY was real happy.

On Monday night, we started off with some reading, with KY on her book and mommy on my new book (after so long, mommy hasn't been buying books for herself for like few years??? It's always parenting books, children books..or ebooks alone). It was a good day and a good start.

However, on Tuesday, things changed, mommy was hit with the monthly cycle..and was feeling real lousy. Specially applied for a 20-minute from Daddy and lie down to rest. Then off daddy went to continue his work at office.  So mommy had to lie down and go through the reading with KY. KY felt impatient and angry as mommy kept falling asleep in between the reading session (yep, am real tired after waking up at 4.30am by little Shone who is not so well, coughing). Then, for the past two nights, things have not been any better. Mommy was accompanying KY on her night routine of reading and writing on the education board; and again mommy feel asleep…terrible!!!

Yesterday, the two kids were fighting over the education board(consist of one side whiteboard and another side chalkboard); and mommy feel asleep halfway through and only woke up when KY accidentally mistook my finger as her brother's finger and bite on it. How terrible can this be???

Tonight, last day of the holiday weekday, I will strive to stay awake and spend a fruitful night with the kids…I feel so guilty and apologetic…mommy is really losing her stamina and low power…

Hope I can still fill in the missing moments…and really need to back to my exercise regime to rebuilt my energy.

Cheers  to a better mommy….

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