Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Benefits gained from a Break-up

Hi folks,

This thought came to me after a series of events happening to friends around me; which also made me reflected on my first break-up. No matter how long the relationship is, there is bound to be difficult moments. Moments where we wish to spend in solidarity. Moments where we need a shoulder to cry on.

Break-up is like a thunderstorm, followed with a great downpour and then drizzling rain…and lastly followed with a sunny day after the sad moments have moved on.

It works like the rain too, it cleanses the spirit, awaken our inner emotions and set a clearer picture on how and what type of relationship are we truly seeking. We would definitely want something worth working on, someone worth spending with and a relationship worth pouring our love and time into. It redefines how we look at relationship as a whole.

Recently, I met with a young couple who broke up after brief courtship; and another married couple who had divorced after years of marriage with three lovely children, the eldest being 18 years old. To me the first is a pity yet being still young, I feel this young love can still heal and move on and probably can find someone better. What about the latter, I can only imagine the pain the married couple and the kids would feel.

It brings back to the thoughts of divorce. Now, if we do not want to reach this point, we should certainly make conscious effort to keep the marriage alive, keep the love flame burning and keep the communication channel active.

I pray that anyone who has gone through break-up would gain much lessons and gain more strength and wisdom from it. Make the Best of the life lessons.

Live and love always….

[This post is dedicated to all my friends who are facing a momentary difficult phase now and pray that they will regain joy and zest in life back very soon!]

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Glam Mama Adriana said...

I can honestly say now that my divorce was the best thing to happen to me in recent years :) The years leading up to the divorce were awful, but the divorce itself was the best decision we had ever made for ourselves and our children, and we are better parents for it. I guess that one should remember that after the storm, comes the rainbow. Hopefully having faith in that will get you through the difficult times.