Saturday, April 9, 2011

How does chocolate and game link?

Hi folks!

Do you love chocolate? Now who doesn't...unless you are having some kind of allergy for chocolate or for some lactose intolerant....for the milk contained in most chocolates.

How about playing games? Yeah....Facebook games application is mushrooming.....

I used to asked my ex-colleagues(mostly programmers) why do they like to play those games like Farmville etc...(pardon me...I am a klutz at such games application and I also prefer the real farming rather than online-based...hehe). They said, "'Cos it doesn't require thinking or don't have to use our brain."

So in that sense, it is a way to release tension and their mind...

Now, if chocolates and games makes you release tension, you might like to check out this game and win something related to chocolate ;)
Pop it or Drop it! @ChoclairsMalaysia has a FB app. Play around with it and experience #Choclairs Choco Boom!

Good Luck & CHeers!

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