Thursday, April 21, 2011

How much is your Engagement Ring?

Hi folks!

As I was blog-hopping one day, I stumbled on Tim's blog(Nuffnang Co-founder) which i read regularly. His entry on "How much should an engagement ring cost?" which comes with a link to the Engagement Ring Calculator shared by another reknown blogger Shaolintiger (yep, that is the category I put under my Google Reader where all my frequent blog list has its own categories; reknown, parenting, overseas-parenting, vegetarian, homeschooling, blogging tips, contests, etc...)

I cannot stop my curiousity and did a calculation...jeng's how much my engagement ring should cost:


But, nope, I don't recall mine cost that much hehe but I think my engagement present (a mobile phone) cost more than the ring? hehe..cannot recall...

What about you? How much does your engagement ring cost?

Actually how much it cost, does it matters a lot to you? It doesn't to me as I am not one who wears ring daily. All the daily household chores I need to perform makes the "practical" me ...not wearing my ring most of the time....

To me, a ring is just a symbol of union and love.

I am sure you have seen those romantic scene in dramas where the guy gave such DIY rings made out of love...does the gal mind the DIY ring made from straws, paper, etc, ....nope, the guy won the girl with sincerity and genuine love ;)

Cheers to a lovey-dovey day!

(Note: Picture source:, a site which sells such special rings...stumbled on google while searching for a suitable ring image to illustrate my e.g. in this post; any copyright infringement is not intentional; pls. leave a comment should you mind you picture appearing here for non-commercial use. Thank you.)

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transformed housewife said...

I wear my engagement & wedding ring every day. both rings costs less than 1k. My hubby couldn't afford more bcs he was still doing his Masters when we got married.