Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Humor in Chinese Character Learning- Part 1

Hi folks,

I am on my learning path to master or rather improve my literacy in Chinese. I can speak Mandarin pretty well as I used to watch Chinese drama series back in my hometown (we are very near to Singapore and their Chinese tv series are quite nice!..ways before we have 8TV or ntv7 which offers better quality Chinese shows).

During my learning adventures, there are bound to be mistakes here and there and some really funny :P

I wish to share with you a conversation I had with my elder sis over the Instant Messaging (IM) system about her new haircut which looks nice...a good makeover!

Molly: 世界上没有臭人,之有蓝人(This world has got no ugly people, only lazy people.)
Sis:     haha 臭人=smelly ppl ( orang busuk) and 蓝人= blue man haha
Molly: sorry. lol
Sis:      but i understand wat u trying to say haha
Molly:  is (chou= ugly) and (lan = lazy) Correct one should be:

I always have a hard time discerning which character to use as my vocabulary in Chinese is very limited. There are so many same sound yet different meaning Chinese character :P..haha...and yeah...from here, you can know my elder sister's chinese is far better than mine :P even though we both study in Convent school 'cos she is more diligent in learning her chinese character since young.

I have to catch up soon before KY starts her primary school!

Wish me luck and here's some sharing of laughter and humor in my journey of learning Chinese..hehe..more to share as I tread on the path!

So hereby I like to quote (my own :P)

世界上没有人,之有 ( This world has got no stupid people, only lazy people)

So yes!!! Way to go...diligently brushing up my Chinese here! At the same time...hahahaha..have a belly good laugh over it...:P


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Edward said...

should be 只 not 之 heheh