Friday, April 1, 2011

Nalanda Book Cafe

Hi folks,

I discovered another Organic Vegetarian outlet at Sri Petaling..quite nice..serene and I love the Japanese style tatami seat ;) good place to chat over with friends!


Lin Hui said...

Hi, I came across you posted blogs on vegetarian food. I am not a vegan but like vegetarian food. In Sri Petaling, I found 5 i.e. Harmony life, the economical mixed rice, Nalanda Book Cafe, Le Veggie (quite pricey) and Imperial art cottage. Do you know any others? Kindly share please. Thanks.

AlohaMolly said...

Hi Lin Hui,

If u ar referring solely at Sri Petaling area, there are two more at Endah Parade,i.e. Ahimsa & Mahligai..but I only like their steamboat..others dishes so-so ratings..seems like there's a change of recent trip with colleagues do not have thumbs-up...

There are lots more elsewhere...maybe I can list them out somewhere.. Thanks for sharing yours ;)