Monday, April 18, 2011

Reward yourself after hard work of workout!

Hi folks!

It's been part of my resolution to stay fit and not only fit but fit enough to resume some light competitive running events. I used to participate in those running events back in schooling time.

By having such target, it is hoped that I will be disciplined enough to keep to my exercise regime. Now, seeing another friend talking about Standard Chartered KL Marathon, makes me thinking whether I should go for it :)

Have you been training for a cross-country run or been through grueling sessions for a badminton match, hiking, etc? Heard of a full body sports massage? This is the first time I heard of it at least I would have thought the national sports athletes would most probably entitled for such treatment...But even normal people like us get to reward ourselves, and hopefully win that medal or matches!

Interested? Check out links before to find out more!
Reward yourself after hard work of training! Get a full body sport massage at #EqualFitness . Check #MilkADeal

Tempting...nah...unless I sign up for that run :D Gamed?


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