Thursday, April 14, 2011

Traditional masseuse?

Hi folks,

Last weekend, I met up with some friends, and one of them are few years my senior. They are looking great as usual. And they are sharing with each other about traditional masseuse, comparing the skills, methods and of course prices charged.

Now, I have not personally gone through any traditional masseuse (yea, not even tukang urut during my confinement time as I was healing from c-section and are too afraid to take the pain :P), but I am quite convinced at the after-effect of a masseuse can do to us.

Now, if you are also looking into some kinda of traditional masseuse, maybe you like to check out offer below:
#JariSpa traditional Balinese masseuse will knead your stress away for RM55. Offered at #MilkADeal

Enjoy and soaking in throughout the masseuse session...ah...perfect for a tired body!


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