Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vocab 4: What new words I learn from the blog today?

Hi folks!

Did I ever mentioned or do I even need to mention blog-hopping or blog reading is part of my daily reading ritual as well :D but of course not all bloggers used the standard English, as some do use some native words or short form. But still it's a new word learn.

So what new word I picked up today?

From a blog entry by Hidayah Ismawi, posted at

The only sport at which I was passable at was badminton. Personally, I blame it on poor hand eye co-ordination, which basically is a polite term for being a total klutz.


Klutz[klĘŚts] may refer to:

  • Most commonly, a clumsy person

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1. A clumsy person.
2. A stupid person; a dolt.

History: Yiddish klots, from Middle High German kloz, block, lump, from Old High German.

This word does sound very German what field are you a Klutz?

For me, it would be dancing. What about you? Do share :)
(By the way, there's nothing wrong being Klutz in some ways, it doesn't mean you are a failure ok...I sign up for 3 month dance classes and master few dancing stunts ;) too...after knowing my weak point!)


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Merryn said...

i'm a living example of a klutz :D