Monday, April 18, 2011

Vocab 5: What new words I learn from the "status" msg today?

Hi folks!

The new word I picked up today (few days back actually, considering this is a back-dated post :D)?

I think many of us are used to seeing friends and families putting status on their FB, IM etc.

And some would put quotation, breaking news of the day or for me for instance, I might put some status to indicate the state of my mind at that particular moment or words of encouragement for others or for myself.

This word "mire" which I came across from the IM status of my previous superior, who I think is striving to manage his PHD…I wish him ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!

mire  (mr)
1. An area of wet, soggy, muddy ground; a bog.
2. Deep slimy soil or mud.
3. A disadvantageous or difficult condition or situation: the mire of poverty.

If anyone of you felt yourself in "mire" state now, I pray you will get through the phase soon and be stronger from it!

I like to quota from my friend's post:

"If I fail, I try again, and again, and again..."
If YOU fail, are YOU going to try again?
It matters how you're going to FINISH...
Are you going to finish STRONG?
We are put in situations to build our character... not destroy us.
The tensions in our life are there to strengthen our convictions... not to run over us.

By Nick Vujicic

Very true indeed!


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