Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hi folks!

Feeling “Tuesday blue” today? :P Long weekends are good if they are used with care; with an event called"REST” scheduled. Otherwise the side-effect from the heavily-packed weekend would be “Tuesday (or whichever day you’re back in office) Blue at work”….

Now let me feast you with some doorgift pictures below: 

  These are just some of the doorgift I have received in my past wedding functions which I have attended. Of course these doorgift does not limit to wedding functions alone. 

I once attended a Women Technopreneur event and the doorgift is in the form of lipstick pouch. Isn't that great? The audience are all women and definitely the doorgift is useful to all!

I feel to think of the perfect gift takes a lot of creativity and effort. To think of the "perfect" doorgift is definitely challenging too...

If you have the creativity and the wish to venture into doorgift biz, you may like to check out the CREATIVE DIY DOOR GIFT CONTEST.

This contest is organized by Santa Gift Shop and the winner will each win 12 months free advertising her/his masterpieces at SGS and become their doorgift supplier. Hitting two birds with one stone!

So creative folks! What are you waiting for? Clear your blues away and start wearing your thinking head to win yourself a dream too good to be true!

For more contest details, check out the contest site here.


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