Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life is like a 100m dash!

Hi folks!

Have you ever heard that Life is like a 100m dash? Or do you feel life is like a marathon?

I used to be a runner during my school days and this quote really strikes me; even now as a parent.

Why life is said to be like a 100m dash? If you have seen how the sprinter like Carl Lewis or our local sprinter hero, Datuk Dr M "The Flying Doctor" Jegathesan, training for hours everyday just to be able to perform the "dash" in the 100m track and field event, you would understand how life is said to be like a 100m.

People said opportunity is for those who are prepared for it. So, in order to win the medal in the 100m, these athletics too have been training and "prepared" for the dash.

How about us? Being a parent, are you preparing ourselves for the 100m dash? Lots of hard work are work-in-progress before the actual day where opportunity strikes and time for us to give our BEST!

It has been said that the Generation Y children have short attention span and find it cumbersome to go through long hours of preparation or training just to perform that single task, be it concert, exam, etc. So, in order to encourage them to have the patience and perseverance to go through long hours of "training", we have to make them understand of this concept, "Life is like a 100m dash."

Once they witness and get to savour the satisfaction coming from results of a hard work, they will be more willing to put in the effort.

For us parents, it is the same. We might not witness the fruit of our nurturing, patience and dedication whether in guiding our children, taking care of their diet, motivates them, cheering for them, being their friends, putting them our priorities and all other sacrifices made. But someday, when the 100m dash arrived, we would know what we have been contributing thus far has been taking positive effect on them.

Therefore, whenever we feel like raising the white flag, or when our child is showing the sign of giving up, we should try to encourage ourselves or our children not to give up. When we are able to think and act that way, our children will also feel and witness our perseverance, thus, very likely they will do the same too. As the sayings goes, "Like Father, like son.".

So parents, let us continue to give our best and persevere for the better 100m dash results for us and for our next generation!


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