Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty McCreery wins American Idol

Hi folks!

The other night I happened to be watching the Americal Idol show whereby Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery were chosen as the two finalist to vie for the American Idol.

At that moment, after watching about their home-coming trip, I can't help stating my own votes on who will win the American Idol and yey (as if a great victory), my prediction came true..haha..

Just thought of sharing my thoughts here about the two finalists..

I felt Scotty has the real deep voice and wisdom beyond his age. He is also humble and quite "overwhelmed" by the crowds that welcomed him when he went back to hometown.

As for Lauren Alaina, I can kinda feel the innocence and her warm heart especially to those who suffers after their homes were destroyed in the calamities. She is quite true to her heart and I hope she can continue to do so.

Both of these talented youth have so much more to offer and to face in the coming years.....and I believe they have grown so much from this competition too.

Wishing them all the Best and yea...we do have our own budding star at home too...don't we? Music are meant to be fun and nurturing...and creative too!

Here's one young aspiring idol from about yours?


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MeRy said...

Congrats to Scotty...