Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amazing Azizul

Hi folks,

The first thing I used to read on the newspaper is the Sports news featuring our local athletes. Being active in sports during my school days, I love watching the sports live as well. Nothing can beat the excitement of cheering for your team. At that moment of time, colours, races, nationalities does not matter.....

And I have been following the news of the cyclist, Azizul, whereby his injury in the recent UCI World Cup in Manchester with a splinter pierced through his leg, a truly tough guy! Cycling: Najib: Azizul's bravery an example for all http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/41CHJKFDJ/Article/#ixzz1QWdQvNfC

Now, today's news at TheStarOnline is showing :

Azizul returns from injury to seek historic gold medal in China

Amazing toughness, world-class discipline...a true sportmanship...

I would love my kids to dabble in sports as well as one truly gains a lot while participating in sports!

Cheers to the national team!
(Picture from TheStar Online)

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