Friday, June 10, 2011

Moment of Silence

Hi folks!

Finally get rid of the gum pain. Just back from the dentist. Phew... This is the second time got reprimanded by the dentist.

The first one happened 4 yrs back when I delayed the surgery to remove my wisdom tooth as I was pregnant then, not suitable to take x-ray.

This time round cos my tooth decay was so bad and I did not see the dentist in time..last week I went it was closed I was rushing two document deadlines(oh did I say I am a Technical Writer by the way) couldn't possibly take another day off when it was re-opened the next two days..oh well..

Their reprimand were done while pulling out my tooth.. So it was met with moment of silence since I can't defend myself so to I know why the dentist like to lecture during or after pulling teeth :P

Anyway, I must say I don't intend to "talk back" anyhow. 'cos it is quite true that most of us only went to see the dentist when the condition was real bad. We do not practice visit the dentist once or twice a year. Not to mention how costly private dentist can be... Well.. They studied and paid high tuition fees to be a I guess it is a return of their hard work and the money spent.

Now coming back to dentist stories, this lady dentist whom I met last year to remove my wisdom tooth is real fast & steady. The whole ordeal lasted less than 10mins compared to the private one I had(costing MYR350 & more than 40 mins for one wisdom tooth).

Maybe it's women natural tolerance to pain, I don't really feel that painful after the procedure...but am silently feeling grateful as the constant gum swelling, gum pain and migraine will soon leave me..

Nevertheless will take all the necessary steps to ensure fast healing..Vit. C, bed rest, no heavy carrying(include kids..),salt water light rinse, soft food and hygiene(frequent change of clean cotton..

Till then moment of silence for today..


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Cynthia said...

I 'hate' the dentist.. each time I visit them will surely for some reason.. the 6 months checkup will never happen.. muahhaa..