Thursday, June 2, 2011

Special Preview for Disney Junior

Hi folks!

Remember about my last get-together with other mommy bloggers during the PlayHouse Disney Get-Together with Parent Bloggers?

This time round I am much delighted to be invited again to the Special Premiere for Disney Junior.

Again, the event is very well-organised by Sophia and team at Bangsar Village 2, Marmalade Restaurant. I am lucky to get there at 7.35pm after dropping the kids and hubby back home. The traffic is surprising smooth...

I will let the picture do the talking....

Well-organised food, seating and special photo-taking with Pirates theme to showcase one of the new creation for Disney Junior- Jake and the Neverland Pirates

*** Updated***
My Pirate Photo-taking

Managed to snap picture with some blogger moms I knew from past blogger events, here is the ever-radiance, Mievee( and always-travelling mom, Karen (hehe..Karen, no offence ya..maybe just envious of u..hehe...) from

And with the whole gang of lovely mommy bloggers:

*** Updated with picture courtesy of Sophia and team***

Stay tuned for more updates on the Disney Junior!



Yee Ling said...

Wow...u r fast too,Molly...hehheehehe.

I guess I will be seeing u again on the upcoming event in July,right..

prince n princess mum said...

Nice meeting up with you Molly.... And u're really fast.. haha~

Cynthia said...

wow.. you are fast.. I have not even 'started'... Nice meeting you and hope to meet you more then!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

so sad i got to give this a miss because i got no place to dump my 3 kids for just one short dinner like this :( *cry*

AlohaMolly said...

Hi Yee Ling, thanks for dropping by. Nope I had to miss July event most probably am occupied that enjoy and update on ur blog ya!

Hi prince n princess mum, sorry ya din realised it was u cos never seen any of your pic in your blog :P ; it's like don't recognise the "queen" for prince n princess when she is RIGHT in front of me :P Ampun maaf ya...Next time we meet say u ar QUEEN ok :P

Nice meeting you too Cynthia..and yep certainly hope to see u gals more :)

Hi Chinnee, pat pat..hugs..I was half-hearted too before i went..cos was sleep-deprived the night before, but since hubby is willing to "babysit" and I have promised to just strived on :) and glad I did!

Maybe can see u mommmies again in future family/blogger events!


MieVee @ said...

Great catching up with you again, Molly! It's wonderful when we mums get to chill out a little. :)